有興趣知道的人請直接閱讀以下英文信吧 Orz

Dear soom:

1. I’ll pay $100.00 as the last payment for my IO. It will be sent at Dec. 25th with 3rd payment of Euclase. Please kindly check my paid payment and change the order status, thank you.

Euclase paid payment:
10/25 $240.00
11/25 $105.00
The rest layaway payment will be sent as below:
12/25 $150.00
1/25 $150.00
2/25 $265.00
3/25 $265.00

2. I need two pair hands of Saiph CREAM WHITE. Please tell me the shipping charge let me can pay you as soon as possible.

3. I’ve received the leg parts replacement of Saiph today. However, YOU SENT NORMAL SKIN PARTS AGAIN!! Do you need pictures to confirm your mistake? Although I think your normal skin and cream white are so different that neither you nor everyone can know the difference just a look. I’ll send it back as soon as possible. Please send me the CREAM WHITE parts with her hands, thank you.

4. I need to confirm the shipping date of Topaz which my order number is 20080923233932522MO. I know your shipping schedule are already been delayed so I just want to know if she could be shipped out in this two weeks or I need to wait until next year. Please kindly reply me.

5. As you know I need some DM let me can introduce you soom to others. Could you send some to me with my lion mask? And I also want to know will you produce new series silicone eyes? I really love your eyes.

Ok, it’s almost Xmas and New Year, I still love you soom, truly hope you could have a happy holiday like everyone and have a better next year. So I never mind you didn’t cost down or you need three more months to ship MD dolls. (But actually a little confuse why normal line dolls also need one more months.) I just hope I could get perfect dolls. Anyway, I trust you’re trying to do your best and I wish I could see the result. Wish you all have a nice day.

Yours truly,





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